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When you look at world history and events the truth becomes much more clear! The wars and state of the world has been shaped by our past and understanding why and how is the key to understanding the agenda of the ruling elite. Those who believe we are headed towards a New World Order believe so by looking at the series of events and wars that have taken place, the agenda is hidden in plain sight for all those who wish to see it. Nothing is truly hidden it is simply kept from us and those who search for the facts will find them, the truth about the bible, Islam and religion can be found by looking to the past! There is no proven history to support religion, which is why they all require faith! We must remember history is written by the conquerers and not the conquered! African American all come from conquered civilizations our Ancestors history has been stolen, hidden and covered up but not well enough and everyday new things are being discovered to show just how great they were. The videos on this page will help you to see why things are the way they are and what has been hidden from the people of the world that proves African Americans were Already in the Americas before slavery, that we had kings and queens long before and other well known civilization, and that America was heading towards something great before it was taken over! History is the key to the truth and once you understand real proven history the truth will be much more clear!

Real Conscious News & History...What Could Lead to WW3

Are Africans responsible For The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade?

The Truth About ISIS In 55 Minutes

(original video)

Who Really Established The U.S & What The Bible Has To Do With it

The Many Hidden Accomplishments of African People

Where is America Headed And Are Americans Really Aware?

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