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The Truth & Facts About Biblical Religion


Saturn, Satan & God And The Nature of Reality Parts 1-6


Preparing For

Metu Neter Vol 1-4


The Real truth About Voodoo, Magic, Witchcraft, Demons & The Law of Attraction 1-2


Mystery School Vol 1-4 The Astrological language of the Universe


Meditation Vol 1


The Metaphysics & Quantum Physics of Life & Reality And How It's Controlled


Understanding The  Truth About The ET Phenomena & The Mystery of Saturn PART 1-2


The Egyptian Book of The Dead

Buddhism Part1-3


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The Moors, The Rise of Aryan power & The real Assassins Creed



Consciousness Carbon, Melanin & The Matrix of Reincarnation


Energy The Elements of Creation & The Power of The Children of The Atom





Vol 1-2


Frequency & Vibration Part 1 The Power Behind The Grand Architect



Greek Mythology

Vol 1


Sacred Knowledge Masculine & Feminine Energy And The Manifestation of Life


Personal Economics Vol 1-2 The Foundation For Building Success & Stability Consciously