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The videos on this page could have been placed in a any religious category but I wanted to separate them because they could almost fit in every religious category. We have been told so many lies about history and religion and so many other things that it's going to take tons of information to correct the lies and get to the truth! The videos on this page are my attempt to give back some of that information and to connect the dots for those of you who have been looking for the truth but have had questions that you have not been able to answer. There will be plenty of misc videos that will end up here but each of them will help you connect the dots and give you greater understanding! As I've said I don't claim to have all the answers or to know everything there is, we are all on a journey for the truth and not on a journey to be the one who says I told you so! I provide my sources and encourage people to do their own research! Too many people simply accept what they hear without doing any research these same people will still challenge you with what they've heard instead of what they know. These videos will give you facts that will answer many of your questions or put you on the correct track and point you in the right direction.

How To Deal With Religious Family & Friends And Prayer

There is No Religious Debate Understanding How Africans Received The Bible

Recap 3 Religions, 3 Wars, 3 Strikes Equal A NWO!!

The Proven History & Facts Against The Bible

1of3 It's Time For The Truth!!!

2of3 It's Time For The Truth!!!

3of3 It's Time For The Truth!!!

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